At, trust and transparency are bedrock of our company and so we must inform you that we use Cookies.

What Are Cookies?

Visiting our website with your browser settings adjusted to accept cookies enables our systems to recognise your device and to provide features such as 1-click authorisation, recommended products, etc. Cookies are unique tools that we transfer to your device with your consent to enable us to identify your device, browser, server, and so on. Cookies help our systems to remember you, what you did when you last came and how long you stayed, what products you viewed and so on. This will help us to give you the best experience as you browse our website.

What Are The Cookies We Use?

We use different types of cookies for you and our convenience as we work toward improving our services to you.

  1. Secure or HTTP-only Cookies. These cookies help us to prevent malicious cross-site attacks against you and your personal information.
  2. Persistent Cookies. These cookies like Google Analytics cookies stick to your browser for a period of time till it expires. These cookies gives us information to help you remain logged in, remember your password, etc.
  3. Session Cookies. They show us what you are buying, what you are viewing and how long you are staying.
  4. Third-Party Cookies. We use these cookies to help us with serving advertising. We share them with third parties, such as social media platforms.
  5. First Party Cookies. These cookies are collected for our use. They identify you and notify us whenever you return. This is essential for authenticating you as a user.

Disabling Cookies can will cause a significant form of malfunction as well as reduce user experience.

If however, you do not want us to give you the best, you can always disable Cookies on your browser. Go to Settings on your browser and find the menu to toggle cookies.